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Rhinoplasty (Nose job)

Redirect the focus to your eyes. The nose is not meant to be the focus of the face. Rhinoplasty, or nasal reshaping surgery, can create a more refined and proportioned nose that not only looks better but also functions better.


Things to know about having a Rhinoplasty or Nose Job:


The nose plays an integral role in facial appearance

The nose, taking up such a central, prominent part of the face, plays an integral role in facial appearance. Whether you are dissatisfied with the nose you were born with or if your nose has been affected by trauma or aging, imbalances in symmetry or proportion can cause a nose to adversely affect facial appearance and attract undue attention. Dr. Thomas Lamperti’s surgical philosophy involves creating a nose that blends naturally into one’s face so that an observer’s attention is more appropriately focused on the eyes. In many ways, an attractive nose is one that no one else notices.

Avoid the overdone, pinched, up-turned, ski-sloped nose

Many patients that Dr. Thomas Lamperti consults with regarding their nose express concern about wanting to avoid an operated-on look.  Dr. Lamperti follows a conservative, “structural approach” to rhinoplasty which avoids the more common techniques which emphasize tissue removal.  Though this later approach can produce pleasing results in the short term, the nose’s natural framework is often unable to withstand the strong scarring forces after surgery thus leading to tip pinching, nostril retraction, middle nasal vault narrowing, and tip drooping.  Besides producing undesirable external nasal contours, these processes also often lead to functional nasal obstruction.  A structure based approach actually builds upon and augments the nose’s natural framework allowing Dr. Lamperti to avoid these long term problems.  Similarly, this allows for a framework for performing successful revision rhinoplasty surgeries. Find out more about revision rhinoplasty surgery here.

Treatment plan based on overall facial analysis and patient dialogue

During your initial consultation Dr. Thomas Lamperti will first assess your concerns regarding your nose.  After listening to your concerns Dr. Lamperti will assess your nose and surrounding facial features. A very important component to facial harmony is the chin. It is not uncommon for Dr. Lamperti to encounter patients concerned with their “large nose” who, in fact, have an less than ideal chin projection. In this situation a chin augmentation (mentoplasty) procedure provides remarkable results.

Fixing the poorly functioning nose

Many patients have concurrent problems involving poor nasal airflow and chronic nasal obstruction.  A common scenario that Dr. Lamperti encounters is meeting a patient who has been on allergy medications for several years with partial or no relief to their congestion symptoms.  Often, these patients have an additional underlying structural cause (or causes) of their symptoms that surgery is able to more completely treat.  Some examples include a deviated nasal septum, middle third narrowing, and external nasal valve collapse.  An important thing to consider is that nasal surgery will not cure nasal allergies, but opening up the nasal passages can often improve the delivery of medicated nasal sprays.

Computer morphing as a tool to plan surgery

Computer imaging plays an important role in your consultation with Dr. Thomas Lamperti.  To ensure realistic results, he performs all of the computer imaging himself as only the surgeon can truly understand the limits of surgery. Based on your specific concerns regarding your nose and Dr. Lamperti’s assessment of your anatomy, the computer imaging allows for an excellent two-way communication regarding surgery.  Dr. Lamperti’s patients understand that the morphed images are not a guarantee of results but a simulation of a shared surgical goal. You can read more about Dr. Lamperti's philosophy regarding computer morphing plastic surgery results here.

Rhinoplasty incisions

Dr. Lamperti typically performs rhinoplasty using a small, nearly imperceptible, incision across the bridge of tissue between the nostrils (the columella).  This affords an excellent view of the cartilages of the nasal tip and allows for more precise surgical maneuvers in this area.  In some cases surgery can be performed entirely with hidden incisions inside the nose.  Dr. Lamperti can give you a better idea of which option would work in your case during your consultation.

Interested in finding out more about having a rhinoplasty (nose job) in Seattle with Dr. Lamperti?

Contact us to schedule a private consultation or click here to view rhinoplasty before and after photos. You can also learn even more about nose reshaping surgery by checking  out Dr. Lamperti's sister website, RhinoplastyinSeattle.com, which is dedicated exclusively to rhinoplasty and functional nasal surgery. You can find even more rhinoplasty information in the drlamperti.com Blog here.

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