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Before And After Teenager Rhinoplasty Photos

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Facial Plastic Surgery Expert Dr. Thomas Lamperti

Finding the best Cosmetic Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon for you

Seattle Facial Plastic Surgery Expert Dr. Thomas Lamperti

Thomas Lamperti, MD, a Top Doctor Award winning Facial Plastic Surgeon, is considered to be one of the best Seattle facial plastic surgeons. Known for his beautiful, natural results and with patients travelling from as far away as Europe, the Middle East, Canada, Asia and Australia Dr. Lamperti counts models, actors, television personalities and other social elite among his clientele. Thanks to these outstanding results, Dr. Lamperti is rated very highly by his patients and they enjoy a high level of satisfaction with their plastic surgery treatment and often recommend him to friends and family.

For men and women who are unhappy with their appearance or interested in turning back the clock there are numerous plastic surgery procedures available. Facial plastic surgery can accomplish everything from refining the shape of the nose to lifting loose skin and eliminating fat beneath the chin for improved facial contour. Facial plastic surgery procedures require a unique balance of art and medicine that only an experienced facial plastic surgeon can provide; this is why when considering facial plastic surgery you should meet with a skilled plastic surgeon to investigate the options that are best for you.

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