What is the cost to have a procedure(s) with Dr. Lamperti?

Facial plastic surgery procedure cost is dependent on which procedure(s) you opt to have along with which setting they will occur in (in-office, operating room) and type of anesthesia used. The facility and anesthesia costs (if applicable) are typically based on total surgery time. We can provide preliminary pricing information using our eConsultation process. Dr. Lamperti can review your concerns and submitted photos and give you an idea of treatment costs.

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What type of anesthesia will I need for my treatment?

Most in-office procedures can be done with only local numbing medicine (topical paste or injection). Some facial fillers come prefilled with numbing medicine, if fact. Botox is typically placed without any numbing medicine. More extensive procedures are often done with either mild sedation or deeper anesthesia/general anesthesia depending on the surgery and patient preference.

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Where does Dr. Lamperti perform surgery?

Depending on the level of anesthesia needed, Dr. Lamperti performs cosmetic surgery procedures within his Seattle area in-office procedure room, Ambulatory Surgery Suite, Overlake Surgery Center (Bellevue, Washington), or The Seattle Surgery Center (in Seattle, Washington). No matter the location, Dr. Lamperti and his staff focus on providing a caring, supportive environment focused on your safety and privacy.

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Can I drive myself home after my surgery?

No. After having sedation or general anesthesia you should not drive for 24 hours.

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Will my procedure be painful? Will I need to take pain medicine after surgery?

You don't have to take pain medication after surgery. Depending on the surgery you have, your pain tolerance, and personal preferences you may use anything from plain Tylenol to a stronger narcotic pain medication. To optimize your healing after surgery you should avoid ibuprofen, aspirin, or other NSAIDs since these are blood thinners. Dr. Lamperti will discuss your postoperative pain management with you before your surgery.

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How much time will I need to recover from my surgery?

Recovery time varies greatly depending on the specific surgery you have and individual expectations. Most patients are able to return to their usual social activities (school, work, etc.) within a week or two.

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When can I work out after my plastic surgery procedure?

Aerobic activities should be avoided for at least three weeks following surgery. Any activity that leads to an elevation in your blood pressure will increase the amount of time it takes for postoperative swelling to resolve. You will also likely notice an increased aching or throbbing to your surgical site as well. After about 3 weeks of recovery you can start to ease back into exercising. It is recommended that you start off slowly at first and then build up. Your body will let you know if you're over-doing it. Additionally, contact sports should be avoided for six weeks following nasal (rhinoplasty) surgery.

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What can I do to ensure the smoothest recovery possible?

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the weeks before and after surgery will help maximize your chances for an optimal recovery. This includes following a healthy, balanced diet, staying well-rested and keeping well-hydrated.

To prevent any effect on normal blood clotting it is recommended that starting about 10 days before your procedure you avoid a variety of medications or herbal supplements that act as blood thinner. Examples include aspirin, ibuprofen/Motrin/Advil, vitamin E, ginkgo biloba, and ginseng. You should refrain from using these medications or supplements for 7 to 10 days after your procedure.

Some patients find that Arnica Montana (oral supplement or topical application) helps to speed up the resolution of bruising after surgery. Follow these tips to help with decreasing facial swelling after your procedure.

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Will I look very different after surgery? Will people notice?

Patients often express concern that they will look drastically different after surgery. In actuality, we find that when patients do head back to work and their daily activities their friends and acquaintances will ask "You look great. Did you get a new hairstyle?" or "Did you go on vacation? You look so refreshed?" The goal with cosmetic facial plastic surgery is to make the outward appearance look as young and vibrant as you feel inside.

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Are there a limited number of revision procedures I can have?

No, there is no absolute limit to the number of revision procedures you can undergo. However, often there are diminishing returns as scar tissue develops after each procedure. Only by examining you in person can Dr. Lamperti accurately assess your revision surgery options.

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