Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

How much will my rhinoplasty cost?

Rhinoplasty costs vary quite a bit depending on several factors: how much work needs to be done; is this a revision procedure; do any additional grafts need to be harvested (ear, rib); is there a functional (breathing) component that can be covered by insurance? Surgeon experience is another important factor as rhinoplasty surgeons with extensive experience generally have higher professional fees. You are paying for the reliable, consistent results this experience provides. 

The complexity of the procedure is also reflected in the total surgery time which is what the anesthesia and operating room fees are based on. Obviously, it is quite difficult to give a precise surgery cost without an examination. After your consultation with Dr. Lamperti you will receive a price quote for surgery, including facility and anesthesia fees based on the total surgery time estimate. If you would like a preliminary estimate before you visit us in person, you can set up a virtual eConsultation with Dr. Lamperti here.

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Will my nose be packed after surgery?

Many people have heard horror stories of family or friend's nasal surgery and the strip gauze packing that had to be removed afterward. Dr. Lamperti doesn't find this packing necessary so avoids its use. Depending on the situation, a thin silicone sheet may rarely be placed along the septum to further optimize healing. Even with this in place, your nose will not be totally blocked and you will still be able to get some airflow through your nose. If placed, the splints are removed 1 week after surgery.

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What kind of dressing will be on my nose right after surgery?

The outside of your nose will be taped with paper tape followed by a plastic cast. This cast, which is molded to your nose at the end of your surgery, acts as a "helmet" during your first week of surgery, helping to maintain your nasal bones in their new position. You will also have a gauze "mustache" dressing under your nose for the first few days after surgery. This acts to catch any bloody nasal drainage that you may have after your nasal surgery. See a photo of what the nasal cast looks like after rhinoplasty here.

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What kind of incisions are made during rhinoplasty?

The incisions used during rhinoplasty depends on the approach used. If an endonasal, or closed approach, is used the incisions are hidden on the inside of the nose. If an open, or external approach, is used an additional incision on the columella is added. You can learn more about the open rhinoplasty incision here.

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Will I look very different after surgery? Will people notice?

Patients often express concern that they will look drastically different after surgery. In actuality, we find that when patients do head back to work and their daily activities their friends and acquaintances will ask "You look great. Did you get a new hairstyle?" or "Did you go on vacation? You look so refreshed?" Using preoperative imaging you can discuss with Dr. Lamperti how much of a change in your nasal appearance you are looking to have.

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When can I work out after my plastic surgery procedure?

Aerobic activities should be avoided for at least three weeks following surgery. Any activity that leads to an elevation in your blood pressure will increase the amount of time it takes for postoperative swelling to resolve. You will also likely notice an increased aching or throbbing to your surgical site as well. After about 3 weeks of recovery you can start to ease back into exercising. It is recommended that you start off slowly at first and then build up. Your body will let you know if you're over-doing it. If controlled bone fractures were done during your surgery, activities that could lead to hitting your nose should be avoided for 6 weeks after surgery. It takes this long for the nasal bones to fully seal back together.

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Can I wear my glasses after surgery?

There are no limits to wearing glasses on top of your cast during your first week of recovery. Once the cast is removed you should avoid wearing glasses (including sunglasses) directly on your nose for a total of 6 weeks after surgery. This is to avoid having the weight of your glasses shift your healing nasal bones. If controlled bone fractures aren't performed during your surgery, you can wear glasses at any time.

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Are there a limited number of revision procedures I can have?

No, there is no absolute limit to the number of revision procedures you can undergo. However, often there are diminishing returns as scar tissue develops after each procedure. Only by examining you in person can Dr. Lamperti accurately assess your revision surgery options.

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