See how Dr. Lamperti was able to combine facelift surgery with an endoscopic brow lift in one of his patients to create a more refreshed and youthful appearance.

The most recent addition to my facelift before and after gallery is a patient who desired improvement to her sagging neck skin along with treatment of her heavy upper eyelids.

I performed a facelift surgery to tighten the patient's neck line and to remove the excess skin from along her neck.

The most common treatment for heavy upper eyelids is a blepharoplasty in which we trim excess skin from the eyelid itself. However, this patient had already had a prior blepharoplasty and she had significant brow drooping which was actually leading to the perceived excess eyelid skin.

Rather than trimming more skin we decided to perform an endoscopic brow lift which allowed us to elevate her eyebrow position which created much less eyelid heaviness.

Importantly, the patient also noted improved visual field blockage following surgery as well.

You can learn more about this patient's facelift surgery here and endoscopic brow lift surgery here.


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