See how submental neck liposuction can create a more youthful, sharper neckline using a minimal access incision.

A common issue patients come to me looking to improve is unwanted fullness or fat deposition in their neck. In many people this area is stubborn when it comes to responding to weight loss. Let's see how neck liposuction using a minimal access incision can create a more refined, sharper neckline.

Submental liposuction case study

This patient is a great example of how liposuction alone can address neck fullness.

You can see how she has a very obtuse neckline with poor overall definition.

Using a small access incision placed in her existing submental (below the chin ) crease we performed liposuction to her neck. The goal is to both remove excess fat and to create a thin layer of scar tissue that further tightens the skin as it heals.

In this before and after neck liposuction photo you can see how much improvement we were able to obtain using this technique. We now have a much sharper jawline with a much more youthful overall appearance. Since this patient was young and had good skin elasticity, her neck skin was able to redrape nicely without the need for a facelift.

In addition to neck liposuction we also performed a rhinoplasty. In my next post I'll discuss how we addressed her excessive columellar show and hanging columella. In the meantime check out some other before and after neck liposuction photos here.

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