See how Dr. Lamperti was able to improve a patient's under-developed upper jaw bone using facial fat transfer.


I just updated the site's facial fat transfer gallery with a set of new patient photos.


The patient, as shown below, has problems with a severely under-devloped upper jaw bone (maxillary hypoplasia). This give him a bug-eyed appearance due to the resulting proptosis that results from having inadequate bone supporting his eye socket.


Fat grafting before photo showing severe maxilary hypoplasia and deep tear troug and nasojugal grooves


You can see how he has signficant tear trough and nasojugal grooves in his lower eyelid regions. The overall effect is a quite flat appearance to the midface region.


I performed fat grafting using fat harvested from the patient's abdomen. This fat was placed in the lower eyelid, cheek and peri-orbital regions to build up the soft tissue support of the midface region.


Before and after oblque fat grafting photo showing much improved volume to the tear trough, lower eyelid and midface region


The before and after photo above show the patient 1 year after surgery. you can see how a more natural transition is seen from the lower eyelid to cheek region. Also, the tear trough and nasojugal groove is less deep as well.


Before and after fat transfer to the midface and lower eyelid to treat severe maxillary hypoplasia


This profile before and after fat grafting photo further illustrates how significant the patien't eye protrusion was. You can see that although we did not change the actual position of the eye itself, the fat transfer was able to better support the lower eyelid and improve the flatness to the area.


If you'd like to read more head over to our Facial Fat Transfer information page here. You can also check out other related Blog posts below.


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