Recent research out of Berkley explains why humans have unique facial features.

An interesting, recently published research paper out of UC Berkley in the journal Nature Communications showed how humans have been evolutionarily "selected to be unique and easily recognizable".

The researchers compared the variability of bodily traits such as leg length versus facial traits such as eye spacing or nasal width. They found that facial measures were much more variable than other bodily traits.

Additionally, they found that the more varied area was the central, triangle region between the eyes, nose and mouth.

Next, the researchers comapred the genomes of people from around the world and determined that there was more genetic variation in the areas that determine facial characteristics compared with the other areas of the genome. This suggests that facial variation is evolutionarily advantageous because it is beneficial to have distinctive facial features to allow people to be recognizable.

These findings definitely fit with my overall facial plastic surgery philosophy of customizing patients' surgery results. We aren't meant to look exactly alike and having some variability in our features is what makes us unique individuals.


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