Dr. Lamperti is excited to announce the launch of his new sister website: Rhinoplasty in Seattle.

Over the last several months, I've been quite busy developing the content for my new rhinoplasty-focused website. As the name suggests, this new Seattle rhinoplasty website focuses on the many aspects that go into considering nasal surgery. Not only does it have extensive information related to cosmetic rhinoplasty surgery, but also delves into explaining functional nasal surgery. It is my goal that Rhinoplasty in Seattle serve as any patient's complete online guide to all aspects of cosmetic and functional nasal surgery.

We will continue to refine and add to the site over time to provide even more in-depth, trusted information about nasal surgery. The site also has a new Rhinoplasty blog and additional twitter feed (@SeattleRhinoDoc) where you can subscribe to get updates. Please let us know (via the comment section or contact us page) what you think of the site and what other topics you would like covered.

In the meantime, I will be highlighting various sections of the site in future posts on this blog so check back often.


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