See the transformative power of combining sliding genioplasty surgery with corset platysmaplasty and neck liposuction along with septorhinoplasty.

This patient's case is a great example of how making several relatively small changes to the facial area can greatly improve the overall balance and facial appearance. This patient had a significantly downsloped, heavy neckline that would have been improved with neck liposuction alone. However, his neck anatomy was such that he would have been left with a persistently full lower neck. By concurrently tightening the lower neck muscles with a corset platysmaplasty I was able to further recontour the area and sharpen the neck line. 


The patient also had quite a bit of imbalance to his facial proportions related to the short vertical height of his chin. His frontal view photos show this very well:


I used a sliding genioplasty technique to mobilize the patient's chin bone. I then used a titanium plate to reposition the bone in a more downward and slightly more forward position. The end result is a longer jawline with a more proportionate chin height and overall more masculine appearance.

The patient's nose surgery was done mainly to improve his nasal airflow. He has some notable pinching of his tip (as evidenced by the shadowing in his supra-alar tip region) along with narrowness of the middle third of his nose (the cartilage in this area is quite narrow compared with the already narrow nasal bones above this area). I performed functional rhinoplasty including surgical breathe right strip surgery to fix these issues. The middle third of the bridge was widened a millimeter or two using spreader grafts and the supra-alar pinching was fix using a more complicated lower lateral crural strut grafting technique. This latter technique involves flattening and strengthening the internal curvature of the lower lateral crural tip cartilages by placing a thin cartilage graft below them. 

The patient did also have a slightly droopy nasal tip as seen on profile view above such that I lifted this area slightly during surgery to retain a masculine nasal appearance while also addressing the downturned tip.

You can learn more about this patient's surgery and check out additional before and 1 year after photos at the photo gallery link below:


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