See how Dr. Lamperti used upper eyelid blepharoplasty to improve a patient's asymmetric skin droop and vision blockage.

The most recent addition to my blepharoplasty before and after gallery provides a great illustration of how upper lid blepharoplasty can be used to not only improve excess skin drooping but to also improve asymmetric skin drooping.

As you can see in the patient's before photo she has quite a bit of redundant upper lid skin that is worse on her left than right eye.

blepharoplasty patient 64 before frontal

While no surgery can create perfect symmetry, the way that I work on addressing the issue involves marking the planned level of skin excision individually just prior to surgery.

Patient's often presume I measure the same amount of skin excision on both eyelids. Since it is very common to have at least some level of asymmetry between the eyelids I do the markings separate, taking the proper amount for each side.

This technique involves marking the planned lower portion of the incision (typically in the existing eyelid crease) and then gently grasping the excess skin with some forceps to then mark the upper incision.

In this patient's 4 month after photo you can see how her upper eyelids now look more even and there is much improved upper lid show.

blepharoplasty patient 64 after


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