See how Dr. Lamperti fixed his patient's droopy right brow using a direct mid-forehead lift approach

There are several methods of treating brow drooping or ptosis. Each method is based mainly on where the incision is placed to do the procedure. 

The options include an incision right above the eyebrow (supra-brow); a mid-forehead location in the middle of the forehead; pre-trichial located just in front of the frontal hairline; a coronal located across the top of the head within the hairline; and endoscopic which using several small incisions in the hairline.

Each method has it's benefits and downsides but in general I find it best to find the method that best fits with my patient's goals and desires regarding downtime and recovery.

A recent patient of mine had presented with very asymmetric brow drooping limited only to his right side. The level of asymmetry and severity of drooping was such that an endoscopic technique would be limited as to the level of change that could be attained.

The patient was bald so a coronal or pretrichial incision wasn't a good idea as the surgery would create long, prominent scars in an area with no good way to camoflague them.

The patient did have prominent forehead creases/wrinkles such that a mid-forehead brow lift localized to the right side would be a very good, high yield method of addressing the patient's concerns.

Also, the procedure could be done under local anesthesia in the office setting expediting the patient's recovery and downtime.

The following before and 5 month after photos show how well the incision can heal using careful plastic surgery techniques and scar placement in an existing skin crease. You can also see how the patient's right brow is much less droopy and is much more similar to his left side.

Direct mid-forehead brow lift before and after patient 12

You can learn more about this patient's surgery and see additional before and after brow lift photos in my brow lift photo gallery here.


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