See how Dr. Lamperti is able to maintain a masculine appearance during one of his male patient's upper lid blepharoplasty and brow lift.

A common concern among male patients considering having plastic surgery and eyelid surgery in particular, is that they don't want to end up with a feminized appearance.

To prevent this issue it is important to choose your plastic surgeon wisely as not all surgeons are adept at modifying their approach to plastic surgery in male patients.

My guiding principal when it comes to performing eyelid surgery in men, especially, is to maintain a conservative approach. We don't want to remove too much upper lid skin and create an exagerated amount of upper lid skin show.

Similarly, when it comes to brow lift surgery we certainly do not want to create an overly dramatic eye brow arch as this too can look artificial in a man.

This patient is a good example of my approach.

Blepharoplasty brow lift and ptosis repair patient 67

He has quite a bit of excess upper lid skin and his eyelid have significant ptosis (drooping) due to a stretched upper eyelid muscle. The outer portions of his eye brows are also a bit droopy.

In the following 5 month postoperative photo you can get a sense of how male plastic surgery can be done while still maintaining a natural, masculine appearance:

Blepharoplasty brow lift and ptosis repair patient 67 after

You can see how his eye brows are nicely lifted but without a "deer in the headlights" appearance and his eyelids have much reduced excess skin.

Want to learn more about this patient's surgery? Check out further details in my eyelid plastic surgery case study here.


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