Find out how Dr. Lamperti was able to create a stronger, more youthful jawline in a patient using a silicone chin implant.

In both men and women, the chin and jawline area are among the most important markers of youth and vitality. Having an underprojected chin can not only lead to a perceived imbalance in the facial features (making the nose appear disproportionatly big, for example), but also lead to droopy neck skin and jowling.

Also, during the aging process we gradually lose bone mass in our faces including the mandible (lower jaw bone). As a result the neck skin under the chin begins to sag and jowls form.

Chin Augmentation Case Study

To see how chin implantation can reverse this aging process and create a stronger, more youthful appearance let's look at some before and after photos of a patient who I perform several facial plastic surgery procedures.

Frontal chin implant before photo

The patient above came to me looking to improve several areas of his face. He'd had a prior rhinoplasty many years earlier that he wanted revised including making his nose appear smaller. Additionally, he was interested in creating a more youthful appearance. In analyzing his photos I noted that his chin was underprojected and that this caused his nose to appear even larger than it was. The chin weakness also contributed to a modest amount of jowling due to a soft tissue deficit in the prejowl region. Lastly, a signifcant level of aging-related facial fat atrophy was noted.

I'll discuss the revision rhinoplasty and fat transfer aspects of this patient's surgery in future blog articles. For now, let's see how merely adding chin projection with a large silicone implant was able to dramatically improve the patient's appearance, especially in the neck and chin area.

Before and 15 months After chin implant photo

In the photos above you can see how the implant has helped to fill in the prejowl region and give the appearance of a neck lift merely by better supporting the neck skin.

Before and 15 months After profile chin implant neck lift photo

In this series of profile photos notice how the stronger, more masculine chin projection also lifts the submental neck skin improving the sagging skin in the area.

Before and 15 months After oblique chin implant neck lift photo

This series of oblique before and after photos illustrates very well how the transition from the chin to jowl is smooth using the chin implant, allowing for a more youthful jawline.

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