See before and after photos showing how Dr. Lamperti was able to use reduction genioplasty surgery to shorten a long chin bone

Many aspects of the face contribute to overall facial balance. One often thinks of the nose as a large factor but the chin also plays an important role in determining how well-proportioned the face is.

A very common issue is a chin that is too recessed or set back. In contrast, a chin that is too prominent can also feel out of place, especially in women in whom this creates a more masculine appearance.

Less commonly discussed, but no less important, is the issue of a chin that is too long. This can create an overly-masculine, bottom-heavy appearance that is more complicated to treat. In more severe cases a relatively significant amount of chin bone must be removed in order to adequately shorten the chin.

A very powerful method of shortening a long chin is a modified sliding genioplasty technique in which an additional wafer of bone is removed from the jaw after making the initial bone cut to separate the chin bone from the rest of the jaw.

The separated chin bone is then secured back to the jaw with a metal plate which allows us to set the chin further upward (and backward if desired) and reduce the overall bone volume of the chin area.

Chin shortening jaw reduction patient 3 right obqlique

To see how this technique works in action check out the above patient's chin shortening case study in my jaw reduction photo gallery.


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